The Tauranga Wedding Industry is fast becoming booming business and with the fabulous location in which to tie the knot it is not difficult to see why. Getting married is one of the most significant moments in people’s lives, and after deciding to make that precious commitment to one another it is understandable that the planning phase involves a fair bit of consultation, planning and decision-making. This is where the Tauranga Wedding Industry comes in.

Whether the couple are after a low key family celebration or a grand affair, the Tauranga Wedding Industry is positioned to help. After all, a wedding is more than a mere waltz down the aisle. One of the most important things to consider is where to host the event. Finding a suitable venue is usually at the forefront of a couple’s minds when planning their wedding. A location where they can receive the special attention that two people deserve, accommodate the people they want to invite and customise the celebration to suit their own style.

The Tauranga Wedding Industry has been a big part of helping the happy couple by delivering what they want on their special day. And as those in the Tauranga Wedding Industry know, this process involves careful consideration of every detail right down to the flowers in buttonholes. Having a wedding planner can alleviate some of the organisation involved, but others find that taking control of their own special day can be a rewarding personal experience.

Most couples who are creating their wedding have an idea of what they are after and want to have confidence that the people looking after their “big day” are both attentive to their needs, and have experience in bringing their particular magic to the celebration. What better way to ensure the photographer, florist or caterer has the skills and know-how to fulfil that expectation than revising the accolades that those services have previously received?

Make it a Winner


With the Tauranga Wedding Industry thriving the way it is, couples have a greater selection of industry professionals to help them down the aisle. As can be expected, separating the wheat from the chaff becomes a task of filtering through the services that just don’t fit with the needs of the happy couple. The last thing an engaged couple want to encounter, is a trial and error process of those they have enlisted with transforming their dreams into a wedding day reality.

This is where the Wedding Industry awards takes charge. Taking the effort out of searching for the finest in the industry by recognising the very best in their respective fields, this prestigious annual event is the talk of the Tauranga Wedding Industry. Featuring the top in every field of wedding related activities imaginable this is a celebration of expertise.

If either you or someone you know are considering tying the knot, then the Wedding Industry Caterers of the year can help with venues, menus and more. Making your wedding memorable, for all the right reasons.