If you have ever been delegated or put your hand up for the job of coordinating an event then after confirming numbers, the next item on the to-do-list becomes location. Where is a space where the people attending will be able to come together and converse, enjoy great food and achieve the objective of the event? This all depends of course on the nature of the function. In any case, the answer to these queries can be unraveled when you begin your search in determining which space ticks as many boxes as possible. Let us explore the options for venue hire to find that all important space to host your function.

Corporate Venue

YVenue Hire Contentou might be hosting a boardroom lunch, or a business brief and need somewhere that can offer a quiet space where your business meeting will take place uninterrupted. Considering access to presentation facilities and power points while considering the comfort and privacy of your attendees. It might be a seated lunch or somewhere that caters for finger food during refreshment breaks in the agenda. These are all considerations that are taken into account with the venue hire spaces conveniently located at the Tauranga racecourse. Thankfully if you are searching for somewhere that has both somewhere to conduct your meeting as well as catering then we can help with that too.

Venue Hire for a Party

Letting your hair down and kicking up your heels may be the objective of the evening, but to get there you need a venue that can accommodate your extensive guest list or your treasured few. Whatever your celebration, be it an anniversary, a birthday, staff party or a dress up do, let it be a party where your guests will delight in the arrangements you have made and sing your praises as a party host well into the night. The elements of a memorable party begin with finding a premier venue to hire. From there the floor is yours. Let us help you celebrate your party by taking care of the details.

Venue Hire

Wedding Venue

For your wedding, your checklist begins with the clink of a champagne glass. As a happy couple, you will want your nuptials to be one of the most memorable moments of your lives together. Bringing together your family and loved ones to help you celebrate such a momentous occasion is an exciting prospect. Having a location to receive your honoured guests surely takes out half the work. Let your venue be spectacular. At the Tauranga racecourse you are spoiled for choice, as not only do you have a range of venues to stage your big day, but options for catering are also available.

So whether you need a venue for your work team, your birthday friend or your big day, choose a spot where venue hire and catering go hand in hand. You will be celebrating more than just your function but your cleverness as well.